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Church School

Church School at Eden Church


Church School begins at 10:15 am after the Children’s Gathering in worship every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month when children remain in worship for Communion.

We offer Church School for children pre-K to 5th Grade (elementary school age).   In our nursery for children 0 to pre-K, we offer a short 15-minute bilingual (English-Spanish) Bible story lesson, followed by a fun arts & craft project that illustrates the lesson.  Children in grades K to 5th participate in a 45 to 60 minute class, which features  a short 10-minute video, followed by Bible reading, conversation, and either a craft or game to expand on the lesson themes.  The video lessons feature four fun and engaging characters named Gabe, Mimi, Leo, and Ruby, all of whom bring humorous and creative questions to the Bible reading and to what it means to be a Christian and a member of a church in today’s world.  Each child is provided with a pamphlet that includes questions and activities for the whole family. This year, Church School will resume Sunday, Aug 25, 2019.


In the summer, we have a one-room school house, with all ages together.  This year, our Summer Celebration program is focused on Animals/Animales, a bilingual study of animals designed to help children of both language groups learn animal names through fun games, art projects, and visiting with animal guests.

For more information, contact Pastor Pepper.