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Who We Are

Our Friends & Members

Eden United Church of Christ is a diverse and growing congregation. At Eden, people of all ages and backgrounds join together to grow spiritually, do good in the world, and develop healing and nurturing relationships. We are a LGBT affirming church.

Ours is a welcoming church, where you will not be told what to believe. We feel that the way we treat one another is more important than holding uniform beliefs. And, while the Bible is important to our faith, it is not the last word. We believe that God is Still Speaking through science, nature, personal experience, the arts, other faith traditions, and more.

Demographically speaking, we are a “magnet church,” which means that we draw participants who reside in communities beyond Eden’s zip code. Current members and friends commute from as far north as Oakland and as far south as Newark, and from as far west as San Francisco and as far east as Livermore. The majority live in Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo.

We consider ourselves a liberal church, in that we strive to be generous, broadminded, and tolerant of many views. Our members represent a broad spectrum of Christian belief, from the traditional to the unconventional. We welcome all people, without imposing the need for all to be alike. At Eden United Church of Christ, you’ll meet:

  • Believers, seekers, and agnostics
  • Conventional Christians and questioning skeptics
  • Persons across the spectrum of gender
  • Identities and sexual orientation
  • The discouraged and the hopeful
  • Those of all races, ethnicities, and cultures
  • Those of all classes and abilities

At Eden, we are on a journey together to understand and live God’s truth for our lives. Come and join us on the journey!

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