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We love summer!

We love summer! June starts out with schools being let out for summer vacation and ambitious parents with kids in tow begin the flight to splash parks, zoos, gardens, and the like. July starts a bit more chill with cool celebrations and hot BBQs, and then hopefully a crisp respite from the busyness of our day to day lives in the form of holiday or vacation. August is that transitional month that starts out trying to pack the rest of summer in before school returns to session and many return from vacation to the familiar grind of the routines of work.

When Jesus was explaining to his disciples that he is the Bread of Life in our August reading of the Gospel according to John (chapter 6), he encouraged them to not only work for perishable food, but for the food that nourishes the everlasting life.

In my first month as the new Deisignated Term Associate Minister, I attended a food safety training at Alameda County Community Food Bank. There the secrets of food expiration dates were disclosed to me. Did you know some items can last up to a year after their best-use-dates? But even then, we have to rotate items, for they will pass their prime and eventually expire.

Here at Eden Church we will be working toward accomplishing a lot this month and beyond. We will continue to expand our youth and young families ministries and lay the necessary foundations for impactful and transformational Spanish language ministries. In addition, we will host the ChYLI fiesta, and we will host our largest Comida of the year, where we’ll distribute backpacks and school supplies.

We do this work not only focusing on the immediate and the now, but the everlasting. John writes of Jesus explaining to the Disciples that he is the Bread of Life immediately after the feeding of the 5,000. What a stark contrast! John describes perishable food being fed to persons who had an immediate need for it, and then Jesus in typical Jesus fashion takes us in the opposite direction: he commends us to focus on that which nourishes into the eons. He asks us to go deeper, to take things to the next level.  When we come together and pool our resources so that no one individual lacks, we might just be part of an everlasting impact.

At Eden, we focus on the immediate, but also on the abiding and sustainable impacts of our ministries. The holy work in which we all engage is not a routine grind, but rather like the perpetual joy of summer. We place our energies into ministries, God willing, that will be here after we are. We invite you to partake in the giving and receiving of the nourishment without expiration that these ministries afford!


Pastor Marvin