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Summer Pie Pride

Strawberry PieSome say summer begins with the Solstice, when the sun reaches its highest point in our sky and brings the longest day of the year. Others say summer begins when school gets out and children begin their two-month rest from study and attendance.

At Eden, summer begins in early July, after our Annual Meeting in late June puts the finishing touches on the Church’s budget, the new slate of elected officers, and charts the Church’s course for the next year. We all breathe a sigh of relief that our annual “business” has been accomplished, and everyone’s thoughts turn to some newer summer traditions at Eden, first and foremost to pie and to pride.

This year, our mile-high pie for the 4th of July extravaganza is scheduled for Sunday, July 2. Everyone is invited to bring their favorite summer pie to share at Fellowship after our 10 am worship. I remember the very first time we had pie for the 4th of July – our 8-foot tables in Oliver Hall were groaning under all the summer fruit and cream in their delicate pastries. The kids were pretty happy too!

Thankfully, the rest of July gives us an opportunity to burn off those pie calories. On Saturday, July 8, Eden Church members and friends will proudly join the festivities at the 7th Annual Castro Valley Pride, a family-friendly community fair celebrating LGBT people and their allies. The celebration continues at Eden Church on Sunday, July 9, as we celebrate our 22nd anniversary of becoming an open and affirming (gay-friendly) church during worship. And, on Sunday, July 23, we are proud to offer for the first time the Cherryland Friendship Lunch and Tour, a unique opportunity to share a meal and to see our Cherryland neighborhood from the perspective of those who live here and know it best.

So, we say summer begins with pie and with pride – pride in our Church, in our community, in all that we accomplish and enjoy in this small part of the world we call Eden. Come join us this summer for pie, for fun, and for fellowship!