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Receive Your Blessing!

On Celebration Sunday, May 18, 2014 we dedicated our gifts of time, talent, and treasure, and our gifts of hospitality and prayer. The dedication of our gifts had similarities to previous Celebration Sundays at Eden Church in that members and friends were invited to complete and present pledge forms during the offering. Some additional elements included encouragement to bring a new person or a new family into the congregation in the next year, and to contribute our prayers for wisdom and grace as we face challenging times.

Instead of asking our ushers to pass the plates as we do on regular Sundays, on May 18 we asked worshippers to come forward, place their pledges and gifts in the offering baskets, which were held by our youth and decorated with brightly colored construction paper hands.

Clergy from amongst the congregation, Stewardship Committee members, and youth from our church school surrounded each person as they gave their offering, and each prayer team offered a special blessing as congregants held out their hands and received chrismation (the mark of the cross with oil).

One of the sweetest parts of this service for me was overhearing that one of our boys understood so well the significance of this occasion that he said in a voice louder than a stage whisper, “Dad, Dad, come over here and receive your blessing from me!”

How sweet and tender, I thought, when any of us, especially a child, grasps the holiness of an occasion in which they are participating. And how like God this child is, was, and will be. Imagine, for example, how many times a day, a week, a year, or a lifetime God says to each and every one of us – in more than a stage whisper – “Come over here! Come over here, and receive your blessing – receive your blessing from me.”

Pastor Arlene