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Ready, Set…Be Prepared

Last November, the Church Council approved and adopted the Eden UCC Emergency Preparedness Manual. A copy of the plan is available from our Operations Manager, Diana Zankowsky.

Since then we have partnered with Eden I&R to provide training for our staff, including the sextons, as well as the tenants in the components of our Emergency Preparedness plan, and most importantly, how to prepare oneself for an emergency. We have covered a variety of preparedness topics at the last three staff meetings.

If you are interested in improving your own awareness of and response to an emergency, the same trainer who spoke to the staff, Lars Eric Holm, will be teaching emergency preparedness at several branches of the County library this month and next. A schedule is available here.

Two years ago, Eden Church had an evacuation drill for the congregation at the end of worship service. If you were there that Sunday, you may remember that we evacuated from the Sanctuary into the West parking lot by the creek. We will have another drill some Sunday during Fellowship time in the next month or so. If you are in Oliver Hall when the alarm sounds, please evacuate to the North parking lot. We want to make sure that all of our members can respond safely in an emergency.

Do you have a health form on file at Eden? Would you like to? When is the last time this important information was updated?

If you would like the church to assist you in this way, contact Pastor Pepper to review and update the form that you most recently submitted to the church. To balance personal privacy with potential need, Eden’s health records are kept in a discrete location known to our staff, ushers, and office volunteers, but it is not readily available to others.