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Now the Real Art Begins…

With the Feb 14 revision of the Purpose of Statement and Goals, we enter a new phase in our Strategic Plan’s development process. Like an artist who draws an outline first, then adds details and color, our work to date has given us a frame or a broad outline of what we hope to accomplish in 5 key areas: worship, hospitality, spirituality, community, and stewardship.

In the next phase, we will be developing strategies for the Plan. At our recent team meeting, the Strategic Planners learned that strategies are the “means” for achieving our goals. They can be quick fixes or long-term responses. They can be a single solution or they can be a commitment to engage in a conversation to resolve ongoing conflicts. They can mean doing things differently or staying with tradition. In other words, strategies are not only means, but they are the detail and color that will complete the picture that will be our Strategic Plan.

Who gets to write strategies? The short answer is: Everyone. The Strategic Planning began the process on Mar 16 by brainstorming strategies for the worship and component of the plan. They will continue their brainstorming until Apr 1 and a very preliminary draft of their strategies will be sent to Council for their April meeting. On Sunday, Apr 17, the congregation is invited to participate in brainstorming sessions after worship where strategies will be submitted in writing and shared with others. If you can’t attend, you can send your written strategies to the Strategic Planning team. Written strategies can be submitted to me by Sunday, Apr 17 either by hand or by email to The Strategic Planning Team will begin prioritizing strategies at their Apr 20 meeting.

As Edgar Degas once said: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” We’re looking forward to seeing the detail and color of how you visualize Eden Church worshipping God, offering hospitality, nurturing Christian spirituality, and collaborating with our community!

~Pastor Pepper