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Living Stones

More than once during these summer months we have excavated metaphors of rocks or stones in our Children’s Gatherings. The Bible is rife with lithic imagery from hoisting up stele of stones to invoke story telling after crossing the Jordan, to the image of a rock or boulder for our God employed by the Psalmist, to the way stones (and/or our words and actions) are used every day to determine whether we might be Peacebreakers or Peacemakers.images-2

The first epistle of Peter (Peter’s name in Aramaic, Cephas, and in Greek, Petros, both mean “Rock”) calls for us to be built into a holy priesthood, a spiritual house, as living stones (not to be confused with Rolling Stones). This summer so many different “living stones” were showcased in Eden Church, from our welcoming presence at Castro Valley Gay Pride, to our Cherryland Youth Leadership Institute (ChYLI) program and Fiesta that empowers local youth, to our Comida food pantry and Backpack Giveaway in concert with Congregation Shir Ami that reached over 140 children, from our nursery workers to our Multi-Age Church teachers, to so many in our congregation making individual and collective offerings of music during service, among other ministries not mentioned in this brief note. This summer has been rocking! We at Eden are leaning into our calling. From a distance all of these individual yet united ministries may appear as stones interlocked supporting a great spiritual refuge – one full of life.

Each stone is indispensable in our spiritual house; each ministry is equally valid in our priesthood of all believers. It is precisely because the spiritual house that is Eden Church is not monolithic, but a geological mosaic that makes room for so many, that makes room for dynamic and abundant life in all its forms. We are all precious and we all rock!

Rev. Marvin Lance Wiser
Summer Church School Director