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Life in the “Hot House”

This past weekend I visited family and friends back in Iowa. I tend to plan my Midwestern trips in the early summer and early fall in order to avoid unsafe traveling conditions.

This strategy worked well again, except that I was not prepared for the tropical weather conditions that I encountered. 

Every time I complain about the summer weather in Iowa, I am reminded that my dad use to tell me to be quiet, because this type of weather makes the crops grow.

I was unimpressed with his point as a child, because the house was hot. It was hard to sleep at night. And the only relief we experienced came once a week when Dad took us swimming at the town pool.

I’ve since realized that Dad was right about the summer weather conditions in Iowa. The hot, hazy, humid weather creates a “hot house” effect that promotes rapid seed germination and plant growth in our veritable Eden.

As I returned to the Left Coast, I ruminated on the many ways that Eden Church has provided a “hot house” effect for other faith communities and new and important Eden ministries. Consider, for example, that Eden Church has been a seed bed for three African American congregations, including Palma Ciea, Glad Tidings (which celebrates its 40th anniversary this month), and Refuge Center which continues to worship on our campus.

Eden Church has also taken a “slip” from our garden and planted two other congregations, including the United Church of Hayward, and the Danville Congregational Church.

This month our congregation welcomes the Rev. Marvin Lance Wiser and his family to Eden, as he begins his ministry with us as Designated Term Associate Minister, and together, we continue to tend this part of God’s garden. 

My prayer is that we comprehend the profound calling that God has entrusted to us—a calling to be a seedbed and a hot house for the gospel and the abundant life that God envisioned for all.

Pastor Arlene