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Compañeras/os Ministry

Eden United Church of Christ established the Compañeras/os Ministry in 2011. Our ministry plan is grounded in the congregation’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Eden Church and community members and friends work with area Catholic and Jewish faith leaders and secular humanists, nonprofit and healthcare partners, and county and city government and school district leaders to carry out this ministry.

The goals of Eden’s Compañeras/os Ministry are based on the strengths and needs of the congregation and community and were developed in collaboration with our community leaders.

Our goals include:

1. Reduce violence by investing in our Cherryland and South Garden youth
2. Contribute to economic development in Cherryland
3. Advocate for state and federal immigration policy reform
4. Create and implement cultural integration opportunities in our church and community
5. Promote community health and public health partnerships

Eden’s current Compañeras/os Ministry projects are illustrated in English
and Spanish.

For more information about the Compañeras/os Ministry or to get involved, please contact our Compañeras Ministry Coordinator, Yuliana Wiser-Leon.

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