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Fools for Christ

What was the most foolish thing you’ve ever done?

Perhaps it was something that you said or did in your youth. Perhaps your foolishness involved the prompting of a friend’s dare or the consumption of adult beverages or both.

Worse yet, perhaps you are a late-bloomer and your foolishness has only recently manifested, and you’ve said or done something that you’ve told your kids a hundred times not to do—and they found out—and your sense of foolishness has been compounded.

Regardless of age, few of us enjoy feeling foolish or being perceived as a fool. But then, according to the gospels, we are in good company; because Jesus was also considered a fool for speaking truth to power, and saying and doing things that others lacked the courage to say and do. In the end, he paid the ultimate price for living a life of integrity.

The good news is that the story doesn’t end on Golgotha. It doesn’t end with doom and gloom. It commences to reveal an empty tomb, and the dawning of a new day in which hope lives and is given new life in the words and deeds of the disciples who traveled to Emmaus and on to Eternity.

Happy Almost Easter!

Pastor Arlene