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Thank you for working with Eden’s facilities!

Information about Eden’s facilities is organized below in alphabetical order and can be accessed by clicking on the red links. If you need more information, send an e-mail to our Office Manager.

Trustee meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Eden Board of Trustees Policies
All Trustees Policies Rev. 2016

Eden Board of Trustees Workplans
BOT Strategic Plan Updates
BOT Workplan 2016-2017

Eden Campus Holidays
Eden Campus Holidays 2017

Eden Campus Maps
First Floor West Wing Evacuation
Second Floor East Wing Evacuation
Second Floor West Wing Evacuation
Parking Lot View
First Floor View
First Floor View Labeled
Sanctuary View
Second Floor East Wing View
Second Floor East Wing View Labeled
Second Floor West Wing View

Eden Policies Documents
Eden UCC Financial Policies
Eden UCC Wedding Policies

Facilities Inventory
Inventory by Item
Inventory by Location
Musical Instrument Inventory
Nursery Inventory

Facilities Use Forms
Facilities Use Agreement Rev. 2007
Facilities Use Policies Rev. 2014
Facilities Use Policies Sponsored Groups Rev.2014
Sponsored Group Sponsor Form Rev. 2008

Facilities Use Invoices
Facilities Use Invoice 2016-2017
Facilities Use Invoice – Sponsored 2016-2017
Memorial Service Invoice 2016-2017
Memorial Service Invoice – Sponsored 2016-2017
Wedding Invoice 2016-2017
Wedding Invoice – Sponsored 2016-2017

Maps and Diagrams
Campus Maps
Oliver Hall Layout
Standard Room Furnishings
Standard Set-Ups