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Evacuation Drill Update

Hello Members and Friends,

We held an evacuation drill this past Sunday, during Fellowship Hour. Congratulations on remaining calm and successfully exiting the building, while listening to the instructions from the trustees and ushers.

There are four things for all of us to learn from this drill:

  • The next time you hear the siren and see the flashing lights, it will not be a drill. Please exit quickly.
  • Please move away from the building. We will install Rally Point signs against the far sides of the parking lots, so congregate by one of the signs. It is VERY important to get out of the roadways through the parking lots as emergency vehicles will be using them.
  • There is more than one exit from most areas in the church. If one is crowded, please choose a different way out of the building.
  • Don’t immediately get into your cars and drive away. The pastors, trustees and ushers need to ensure that everyone has exited safely and we can only determine that if everyone is still here. Also, even though you might want to get to your home, waiting here at the church while we try to assess damage in the area, might be the safest choice, at least until we know more about the extent of the incident.

Again, thank you for your participation in the evacuation drill and for your attentiveness to Lars Eric Holm from Eden I&R as he made a presentation to you about preparedness.


Diana Zankowsky

Operations Manager

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