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Happy Anniversary To Us!

September 2015 will mark Eden Church’s 150th anniversary of continuous service, fellowship, leadership and spiritual guidance in Hayward and its surrounding communities. We wear it well, don’t you think?

The 150th Anniversary Committee is planning to celebrate our history all year with a variety of events, presentations and ways for the entire congregation to enjoy and participate. Each month we will have an article in the Chimes and/or bulletin highlighting a period in our history of special interest and significance, and as time permits, an accompanying short presentation in the Sunday service for the congregation to enjoy.

Some of these will include the children, as we pass our legacy along through the generations. We hope to include personal tales and memories, as our congregation is rich with long-time members with wonderful stories.

Marilyn Sundberg has uncovered fascinating stories and photos in our extensive archives and will prepare displays throughout the year of our proud and sometimes curious past. Jacque Blake is researching the history of our beloved hymns and will share with us the societal and political background from decades ago that led to some of the lyrics we celebrate today. They are History Detectives!

In February we will enhance our Valentine’s Luncheon with special guest Judy Norberg, whose family has been a cornerstone of Eden for decades. Like Scheherazade, she has 1001 tales of Eden’s past and will cast us under her spell as she shares her memories. Our menu will feature classic recipes from long-time members, so even your taste buds will take a trip down Memory Lane.

Do you love the period dramas on PBS? Do you watch for the costumes? Come to our live fashion show of real historic clothing and costumes with knowledgeable commentary presented in April. If you have seen this show staged by Good-will Bags, you know how great it is! We will serve lunch followed by 100 years of fashion right in Oliver Hall. Mark your calendars for April 11, 2015.

Brenda Loreman is rewriting and updating our written history and copies of our self-published volume will be available next summer. We are also working on a printed timeline of Eden’s most significant events and where they fit in with what was happening in our community, our country and our world at the time.

We will cap our celebration year with a gala dinner with special guests on Saturday, September 26, 2015, followed the next morning with a celebration Sunday service. We hope to see some of our treasured past members and long-time friends. We are delighted to offer two extra fantastic works of art from our own dear stitching circle, led by Suzie Hasselkuss, and by Shannon Whitney: a commemorative quilt and painting of our church. These one-of-a-kind beauties will be auctioned at the dinner.

Do you have special memories of Eden? Special dreams for our future? We hope you will join in our happy anniversary events and share our proud history.

The 150th Anniversary Committee