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Dream On!

This month we are celebrating the exciting news that all three phases of the organ restoration project will be completed within one year’s time, from the announcement of the campaign, to the finishing touches—because the Eden Church Organ Restoration Fund has been fully subscribed! In addition, we are celebrating that the organ project is being completed without borrowing funds from a bank.

Phase 1 involved rebuilding the organ console. That work was completed in September 2013. Phase 2 is being completed during the last week of January 2014, and involves the replacement of three crates of reed pipes in the west organ chamber. Phase 3 will be accomplished in mid-March. It involves the replacement of the acoustical cloth surrounding the east and west organ chambers.

Last April, when the Church Council authorized the Organ Restoration Campaign, some wondered whether we could raise enough money to cover the cost of the organ console (Phase 1), let alone imagined that we could fully fund Phase 2 (the pipes) this year. New acoustical cloth, the last phase, hadn’t even been imagined last spring. Had someone mentioned Phase 3, many would have thought such a goal too much to hope for.

Let this experience be a lesson to us all. Sometimes our dreams are too small. God’s dreams are often bigger than ours. When we dare to dream God’s dreams, and we lean into these dreams with passion and commitment, we are often able to accomplish far more than we could have ever thought possible.

So let’s dare to dream on, Eden Church. Let’s dare to lean into God’s dreams, and imagine all that God can do in and through us, as we merge our passion and commitment with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Arlene