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Back to Church School

For families all over America who have someone participating in the traditional school year, this time of year is all about going back to school—public school. At Eden Church we never take a complete break from Christian schooling, since our classes for K-5 and Seekers operate continuously through the calendar year and our youth participate in outdoor ministries programs in the summer months, which are sponsored by our Northern California Nevada Conference United Church of Christ.

In concert with the traditional school year, church school for all ages resumes at Eden this September, and we do so in many of the ways that we have for a 100 years or more—with some notable additions.

Thursday, September 6, Adult Bible Study begins—with a double bonus—Bible Study will be offered in English and Spanish, nursery care and homework help for youth will be offered simultaneously, and food will be provided between classes to foster friendships among all participants.

Sunday, September 9, church school classes for K-12 will resume during worship, on the heels of the Children’s Gathering with the pastors, and the curriculum for the lower grades will be offered in English and Spanish. This new-to-us feature of the church school curriculum is both a blessing and a necessity. Some of our youngest ones only speak Spanish and home. Others only speak English at home. And a few are blessed to be speaking both languages at home.

I don’t have to wonder about the quality of the curriculum or instruction. It’s excellent. Pastor Pepper and the Religious Education and Spiritual Life Team take tremendous care in their selection of curriculum, and our dedicated teachers take their preparations and assignments very seriously. Still, this year’s program promises to be better than ever as we more fully embody God’s vision of being a multi-cultural church, and we learn from how we live—not just from what we teach.

I’m looking forward to a great church school year! I imagine that you are too.

Pastor Arlene

Head Learner